About Us

relocating people"At Chipman we will do whatever it takes to do the job right. We will exceed the expectations of our most respected critics, our customers."

For over 50 years, Chipman Corporation has been relocating people and possessions domestically and worldwide. We have developed the experience and the relationships with agents all over the world that allow Chipman Corporation to provide the finest door to door, domestic and international relocation service available. Each year thousands of people from both major corporations and the private sector experience the Chipman difference.

Founded in 1939, the company provides transportation services and warehousing facilities to corporate and residential clients worldwide.

Your move will be evaluated by an experienced professional. The planning proposal has been tested for over forty-five years. A detailed listing of the items to be moved will be tallied. Access to the buildings will be taken into consideration. Elevators, long carries to the trucks, specialized equipment to perform the move professionally will be accounted for and are included in our price. Responsibilities for Chipman and your company will also be listed in detail and will be included in the proposal. The job costing formulas utilized to calculate our pricing are also listed in your proposal so that you will be able to compare us evenly with other moving companies you are evaluating.

Each office is on-line with every Chipman office and United Van Lines. Reports can be generated by department so that customers can departmentalize their costs. This applies to off-site storage. It is possible to access our I.B.M. AS-400 to view your account status and print reports directly. We will meet with you on specified intervals to review these reports.

With over 200 pieces of equipment and twelve locations in key distribution points, we can respond quickly to service any need and pull the necessary resources together quickly to satisfy that need. Our warehouses are bar coded with racks and palletized storage in over 500,000 square feet of space.