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Chipman International specializes in the overseas door-to-door movement of household goods and personal effects. Door-to-door service includes a survey, packing, wrapping, loading, ocean/air freight, customs clearance, and delivery to the residence, unpacking and debris removal. We also provide full replacement insurance.

Chipman International is very different from most movers. Our international office and crews are separate from our domestic moving divisions. Chipman International's crews only perform overseas moves. They are specially trained to professionally pack, wrap and load household goods and personal effects for overseas transportation. This is very important because international moving is based on size and shape, while domestic moving is based on weight and distance. While domestic moving crews know how to blanket wrap furniture for domestic van transport, only trained international crews know how to expertly wrap furniture in overseas pads for transportation in ocean and air freight containers. The added knowledge means the difference between a claim free move and a very unhappy employee.

One Point of Contact

Chipman International will provide one point of contact for the entire move process. This means that one Chipman customer service representative will make all of the appropriate arrangements from the initial survey to the final unpacking. Chipman International is proud that our customer service representatives have an average of 15 to 20 years of experience in overseas moving. Our experience means that employees will be helped by qualified professionals with the skill and savvy to expedite the move process and prevent problems before they occur.

Experienced Forwarder

Chipman International is a fully licensed household good forwarder with over 25 years of experience. We independently control each step of the employee's move. For example, Chipman can contact the various steamship lines to see which provides the best routing and the most competitive pricing. If you use Chipman, there are no middle companies involved. This arrangement allows Chipman to avoid the cumbersome layers of communication and personnel that plague the typical mover/ van line relationship. This measure of control allows Chipman to quickly respond to employees needs.

Certification by Ernst & Young


Chipman International is very proud to have received the coveted "FAIM" designation. FAIM stand for FIDI Accredited International Mover and is the most recognized quality assurance standard in our industry. The award is the result of a rigorous independent audit of Chipman International's staff, warehouse, and moving procedures by Ernst & Young. Ernst & Young's audit examines every aspect of our activities: from the way telephones are answered to warehouse security measures to the type of material used by our packers. The audit was carefully designed to ensure that Chipman International possesses the internal procedures, moving skills and equipment to deliver the best door-to-door services possible.

Protecting Your Employees' Goods

When you select Chipman International to forward your employee's goods, insurance can also be provide. Employees often invest considerable time and resources in their furniture, clothing and personal items. Despite the talented efforts Chipman International and our world-class partners, shipments are exposed to risk during the ordinary course of business. Fortunately, Chipman offers Full Replacement Value insurance that is specifically designed to protect household goods and personal effects against loss or damage during the course of transit to the employee's final destination. Through our relationship with global leaders in the marine transit insurance industry, employee claims can be promptly settle din the unlikely event of damage or loss. Chipman International knows that the swift resolution of a transit claim is simply part of providing excellent door-to-door service.