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Corporate Moving

Here's what to expect...

1. Move Initiation: Your company notifies Chipman Relocations that you are moving to a new city.

2. Customer Service Representative Contact: A Chipman CSR will call you to acquaint you with the actions needed to make this a positive experience.

You will be asked:

  • The approximate size of yourexisting home and new home.
  • The dates you would likeyour household goods packed, loaded and delivered.
  • If there are any highvalue items [antiques, art, electronics] going with the shipment. This information prepares the estimator to include special handling forthese items.
  • What the value is for allitems moving on the truck. This valuation information is important ifany item was damaged in transit.
  • If any or all items needto be placed into storage.
  • If you have any specialconcerns about this move.

The CSR is your advocate at Chipman Relocations. He or she is available to answer any questions. They will communicate all aspects of the move throughout the entire process. They will call you upon completion of the move and handle all final issues that may remain.

Planning and Communication

3. Planning: Twenty-Four hours prior to any action by Chipman, your CSR will notify you and explain exactly what you can expect for crew arrival times and the amount of time needed to perform each task.

4. Communication: You will need to provide telephone contact numbers at origin and destination. It's a good idea to give the CSR a few numbers at each location; cell phones, business numbers for example. Communication is the key to success when moving.

Packing and Loading

5. Packing Day: Crews of two packers can pack up to 100 units per day. It makes sense to make time to pack properly or add to the crew size. We will adjust to your schedule whenever possible.

6. Loading Day: Shipments must be completely inventoried first and then loaded with great care. Your driver is the supervisor for loading and unloading. Your walls and floors will be protected with moving pads, masonite and cardboard. All furniture will be wrapped in moving pads before it leaves the home. Items are loaded in the van from floor to ceiling, heavier to lighter and logistics straps hold the items in place. The objective is for items to remain tight in transport while protected with pads and 'air-ride' vans for a smooth ride.

Unloading and Claims

7. Unloading Day: The reverse of loading day. All items will be placed into the rooms that you designate. You will be asked to check off each item's inventory number as it comes into your new home. This is how we ensure that you received all items. It's an easy process but it does require your attention. Items that were disassembled by Chipman, such as beds and mirrors from dressers, will be reassembled. Afterwards, you will walk through your home with the driver and check for damage. If there is any scratch, nick or more serious damage you will need to make a note of it on the driver's inventory. You are not expected to know if items inside of a carton are damaged. As you unpack cartons make a note of any item that is damaged. Keep the item for the inspection that may take place later. You have 9 months from the date of delivery to file a claim but it is more advantageous to file quickly, within 30 days.

8. Claims Process Your customer service representative will walk you through this process. It is our intention to settle all issues as quickly as possible. We depend on repair vendors and others to work with us on claims repair scheduling and promise to act as quickly as possible after receiving your completed claim form.