Moving and Planning Guide

Getting Settled

Final Details

  • If you receive a letter from United Van Lines or one of our agents after the move, don’t discard it without opening. It may contain information concerning your move.

  • Keep all documents pertaining to your move in a safe place. You will need them for verification if moving expenses when you file your federal income tax returns.

  • If you need information about your move – the type and quality of services performed, charges for these services or interpretations of United’s policies and procedures – please write the Customer Service Center at United Van Lines, One United Drive, Fenton, MO 63026, or telephone toll-free (800) 325-9980. We will thoroughly research your questions and furnish a comprehensive answer as quickly as possible.

Settling In

  • Check with the post office for any mail being held, and ask for delivery to start.

  • Check state (and local) requirements for auto registration and an operator’s license.

  • Once you’ve selected a family physician and dentist, you’ll need to have records transferred. Usually, dental record can be sent to your new dentist by simply making a phone call. Transferring medical records from you previous physician normally requires a written request and your signature. If you want to obtain any previous hospital records on you health history, write the Medical Records Department at the hospital where you were a patient. You’ll need to include your previous physician’s name and the name of your new doctor.
  • You may want to select an attorney and discuss with him laws that pertain to your destination state, county and/or city. Be sure to cover such matters as wills, transfers of property and investments, insurance regulations, inheritance laws, taxes, etc. Most laws affect a family as soon as residence in the new state and city is established.

A New Family Life

Get acquainted! Meeting new people can be wonderful adventure. Get in touch with local organizations which specialize in helping new residents get to know the community. They will be glad to have you phone or visit them. Welcoming organizations vary in different parts of the country. Check the yellow Pages under "Welcoming Services for Newcomers."

As soon as possible, register to vote.

Locate the selected schools. Take the children, introduce yourself and register them.

Ask questions! Your neighbors will bring you up-to-date on the local improvement association, annual neighborhood outings and other local customs.

Phone or visit the public library, historical society and the tourism/visitor bureau. They’ll have many suggestions of things to do and places to visit.